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My wife and I first had AHS coverage as we purchased homes in the past paid for by the original owner for a year. We started extending the coverage since it was so convenient and made sense financially. We continue to keep it every year on our current home; it helped significantly with our old HVAC system now replaced as of JAN 2018, appliances such as our stove and washing machine AHS replaced our washer with a new one THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Always prompt service; sometimes it takes a day or two but it is understandable given the time of year we live in a resort type area. I would recommend this for anyone interested in relatively inexpensive peace of mind "insurance" and even as a gift to friends or family. There was an issue with my toilet and my tub draining. I filed a claim for those with American Home Shield via phone and the contractor that they sent was an awesome professional. He was clean and he cleaned everything up that he touched and put on booties when coming in. He repaired the stuff well. There were no extra dings that he left behind. The toilet is better than it was the day it was installed.

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When your service provider arrives to handle the repair, there is nothing more you need to do.

I really have had nothing but good experiences with HBW and would recommend them.

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Therefore, we quit working for all home warranty companies to offer our services to a higher quality clientele.

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